Why isn't Rev more popular?

Jerry Saperstein runrev at civildiscovery.com
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	Other than showing your fanaticism and inability to civily deal with
someone who has the temerity to challenge the object of your obsession, what
do you hope to accomplish? While it is flattering to imagine you or one of
your like-minded zealots Googling me, what is your point?

	I said Revolution is inadequate for producing business applications.
That is my opinion.

	The comments you selectively quote are also my opinions. Of what
relevance are they to my opinion of Revolution? I read a book I didn't like,
posted a review and from that you derive I "hate" everyone and everything?

	Judging from your behavior, you certainly do appear to be defined by
the word zealot, which means "somebody who shows excessive enthusiasm for a


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It appears that our friend Jerry Saperstein hates everyone and everything.
Maybe in the 'business' too long...

>It seems he likes the word zealot. A little research shows many 
>complaints and insults on all kinds of forums and lists.
>Web Quote: "By all means, though, avoid Apple,. While individual users 
>tend to be zealots, the company occupies its miniscule market share for 
>many valid reasons."
>Web Quote: "If you want to utterly waste a few hours of your life, read 
>this book. It has absolutely nothing of redemptive value. No plot. No 
>memorable characters. Nothing."
>Web Quote: " I don't intend to be a critic, but the reality is that I 
>am. ... "
>Web Quote: "In my opinion, this knowledge must be acquired on a 
>first-hand basis, not third-hand by inquiring of a mail list where the 
>accuracy of the responses is not known. "

stephen barncard
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