Why isn't Rev more popular?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Dec 6 00:18:36 EST 2005

Jerry Saperstein wrote:
> Unremarkably

...yet he goes on to remark:

> those who have been the quickest to flame me appear to
> be those with pecuniary interest of one sort or another in Revolution,
> whether as investors, developers of Revolution based tools or vendors of
> third-party products and services. Obviously such people are immediately
> threatened by any criticism of the source of some part of their cash flow.

Maybe it's not so deep.

Could it be simply that your post was rude?

Is that how you communicate with all of your vendors?

All anyone's asking for here is a little professionalism.  Dropping in 
from lurkerland with your only post being a sweeping flamefest is not 
likely to win friends and influence people, in any community.

Prove me wrong:  drop into any other forum and tell everyone there that 
they're either misled or liars and that their products don't exist, and 
let us know how that works out for you.

FWIW, I have a number of long-term clients with projects so substantial 
that I don't expect taking on new clients for a very long time.  And 
yes, I do make tools for Rev, but I give them away.  In short, I make no 
money from helping scripters here.  I just like working with Rev, and if 
my experience can help other people enjoy it more so much the better.

And don't bother playing violin about ad hominem attacks:  your first 
post was insulting, your second one more so, and you still haven't 
bothered to address your own central argument by defining what you mean 
by "business apps".

This conversation can become productive and helpful as soon as you 
choose it to be. I look forward to starting over tabla rasa and seeing 
what we can do to help you ship your app.

  Richard Gaskin
  Managing Editor, revJournal
  Rev tips, tutorials and more: http://www.revJournal.com

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