Why isn't Rev more popular?

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Mon Dec 5 16:25:11 EST 2005

On 12/5/05 2:05 PM, "Hershel Fisch" <hershrev at realtorsgroup.us> wrote:

> And then what's going to be,if a professional programmer can't even write a
> simple print without the user should have to intervene to choose printers
> and styles and and ....
> Or if wanted to add a timer constant running from when the application is
> launched.
> Rev is good for games or so. Sorry.
> Rev is not at the state of being used for commercial business applications.


First of all, just because you ran into a couple of issues that Rev has
difficulty with doesn't mean that it can't be used for commercial business
applications... I have worked on several large-scale vertical market
business applications done in Rev (including a very successful multi-module
personal information management application for the entertainment industry)
and they are doing just fine, thank you very much. And I know many Rev
developers that have put out commercial business applications as well.

One could say the same thing about Rev and games: "it doesn't have a 3D
engine so you can't use it to build games"... a blanket statement based on
one or two features does no one a service. Each person needs to evaluate Rev
for themselves to determine applicability to their projects at hand.

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