An unsolicited message on my Rev address ;-<

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Mon Dec 5 16:16:24 EST 2005

This was brought to my attention today. I will fix it forthwith. The most
recent posts to that list of digested threads on my Revolution Pros list
have all had their email addresses obfuscated. SOmehow the task of going
back and making sure ALL of those addresses were obfuscated fell off my To
Do List without action. I've put a priority on it.

Sorry if anyone is inconvenienced because of my oversight.

On 12/5/05, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at> wrote:
> Dom wrote:
> > This address used only on RR list : use-revolution, metacard and
> > revolutionfr lists...
> Searching Google for your address I was able to find a page containing a
> copy of one of your posts to this list:
> <>
> RunRev has no control over the content of that site.
> Judging from the format of the emails copied there it seems that if you
> use the name field in addition to address only the name would have
> appeared on that paste.
> You might consider writing the owner of the site to request removal.
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