[FIX] bitwiseAnd

Sean Shao shaosean at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 5 13:51:07 EST 2005

I'll update the library later on, but here's the fix to bitwiseAnd (thanks 
MisterX and kWeed.. How come more of you people aren't on Chatrev?)

function bitwiseAnd p1, p2
  if (abs(p1) = 0) OR (abs(p2) = 0) then return 0
  if (p1 < 0) then put (bitNot abs(p1)) + 1 into p1
  if (p2 < 0) then put (bitNot abs(p2)) + 1 into p2
  if p1 > 4294967295 then return (p1 MOD 4294967295) bitAnd p2
  return p1 bitAnd p2
end bitwiseAnd

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