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Mon Dec 5 11:35:51 EST 2005

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>  > It will replace doubles spaces in a text field with single spaces
>>  without affecting the formatting.
>Another approach is to use :
>put replaceText(fld storyline," +"," ") into fld storyline
>which is the regular expression that replaces all runs of spaces with a
>single space.  The " +" says 'one or more spaces'
>Further... automation is possible for any field when it is closed.
>Simply add to a stack script, back script, or stack in use stack script


Thanks for the tip.

If there if formatting in the field you might use:

    put replaceText(the htmlText of field 1," +"," ") into tText
   set the htmltext of field 1 to tText

(Seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry  is named Jim.)

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