Why is Konfabulator "Pretty?"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sun Dec 4 13:59:27 EST 2005

Bill Marriott wrote:
> Further, any code comparisons between this and the Revolution 
> implementations should consider equal feature comparisons:
> 1) Customizable tint for rim and background images
> 2) Nice, realistically animated, "bouncy" second hand
> 3) Date display that can be turned on/off
> 4) Attractive custom images used for all elements (hands, face, rim, etc.)
> 5) Preferences interface for colorization, chime interval, window level, 
> etc.
> 6) Variable Opacity through to the desktop
> It wouldn't be fair to compare the leanest possible Revolution clock to the 
> fanciest possible clock widget, would it?

No, but if this odd apples-to-oranges comparison is to be even more fair 
we should also try to build a standard HIG-compliant app with 
Konfabulator. ;)

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