English-like nature of Transcript ?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Sun Dec 4 11:32:46 EST 2005

I have come to the same conclusion - working on a 6-7 stack large 
project and command and function names like

libSQB_CustomPropertyToNewObjectPAIR pOptions,pobjProp1,pobjProp2

libKMR_returnFieldTitlesARRAYFromDatabase pTargetDB, pTableName

although verbose, really work for me... I just cut and paste the long 
names..and prefix most names with the stack name.

I have to stop and force myself to think more about and describe what 
this damn thing does and where else can I use it - and I package (and 
re-use) a larger quantity of smaller subroutines as a result.


>Because "efficiency" of producing original source code leads to 
>gross ineffiency during debugging and subsequently as modifications 
>are made over the life of the software.  IMFO, cryptic names and 
>cryptic syntax save one little during initial coding and cost _lots_ 
>over the rest of the life of a project.
>Rob Cozens CCW
>Serendipity Software Company

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