Set Windows Registry

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Sat Dec 3 23:15:51 EST 2005

When messing with the registry, be sure to write to the correct area so that 
your solution will not fail when running under a limited account, or with 
multiple users.

For example, limited accounts running your software may only write to their 
portion of the


section of the registry.

More information is available at


"Sarah Reichelt" <sarah.reichelt at> 
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On 12/4/05, Sivakatirswami <katir at> 
> No one responded to my previous post on this, which is pretty
> unusual... I can't imagine no one knows how to do this...
> goal: doc-app binding on windows, such that a double click on a stack
> will boot your player.
> player name:
> "HA Stack Player"
> Windows Registry setting handlers:
> on setWindowRegistry
>    if platform()="Win32" then
>      get setRegistry("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.rev\", "HA Stack Player")
>      if it is true then
>        answer "It worked!" with "OK"
>      else
>        answer "Sorry, I was unable to set your registry." with "OK"
>        exit to top
>      end if
>    else
>      answer "This is not a Windows machine..." with "OK"
>    end if
> end setWindowRegistry
> I know the handler is run, because my beta tester says  they are
> getting "It worked!"
> but the registry entry must be incorrect, double clicking on a
> fooStack.rev doesn't auto boot my player.

I have only done this once, but I followed all the instructions on the
relevant page of Ken Ray's wonderful collection of tips. You need to
set more registry entries to tell the system what to do when you
double-click on an associated file. Read the complete article here

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