Help needed downloading a file to a folder

Rodney Somerstein rodneys at
Sat Dec 3 07:57:42 CST 2005

>By default, the filetype is set to "ttxtTEXT" which causes Rev to make
>the Finder think that all files it saves are text files. The easiest
>solution is to use:
>    set the fileType to empty
>before saving any files. This forces OS X to make up it's own mind
>about the file type, absed on the extension.

Thanks Sarah. I'll definitely use the set the fileType to empty 
trick. I'm trying to write something that will work cross-platform 
and the less that I need to special case, the better. Keeping it 
generic is probably the better idea, even though everyone on the Mac 
would use Stuffit on such a file anyway in all likelihood. The real 
question is why does Revolution save files with a filetype at all 
these days? It should only do so under OS 9 as I understand it.


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