Why isn't Rev more popular?

Mark Swindell mdswindell at charter.net
Sat Dec 3 00:30:14 EST 2005

On Dec 2, 2005, at 7:39 PM, Charles Hartman wrote:
> But I suggest that the "natural language" feature is much more a  
> mnemonic aid than an aid to initial comprehension.

I'm not sure I agree.  I learned HyperTalk first, and the English- 
like features helped tremendously in initial comprehension of what  
was going on, in how to express my needs to the computer, and in  
debugging my own code and understanding the code of others (to a  
lesser degree, though... that's still a challenge).  I'm not sure  
about the mnemonic features.

I tried to learn C on my own, but soon enough threw in the towel.   
Too much minutia management, too cryptic, too time-consuming for too  
little function.  SuperCard let me actually be productive with color,  
multiple windows, and promised imminent cross-platform deployment.   

The human language-like features of x-talks have always been a plus  
for my brain, anyway, and I can focus on design and function in the  
projects I do.  Thank you, Bill Atkinson, and those who continue the  


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