How to Disable the Preference and About Box Items

David Burgun dburgun at
Fri Dec 2 06:37:32 CST 2005

>David Burgun wrote:
>>>>Yes, but this isn't an Apple/Mac problem. I don't care if the 
>>>>preference menu is enabled or disabled, but I want it's visible 
>>>>status to reflect it's state, which is not what happens. I 
>>>>disable then Edit Menu, but the preferences item remains enabled, 
>>>>BUT it won't generate a menuPick event.
>>>>This effectively mean that you cannot disable the edit or help 
>>>>menu's under MacOS X!
>>>Under what circumstances would you want to remove the user's 
>>>access to Preferences or Help?
>>I don't!
>>I want the Edit Menu Disabled, the Preference item isn't in the 
>>Edit menu! It shows as enabled in the Applications Menu, but, 
>>disabling the edit menu stops the menuPick message from being sent 
>>(to either the Edit or Help Buttons), so whe you select preferences 
>>it does nothing!
>You're in luck: Apple says you shouldn't disable the entire menu, 
>only the items within the menu:
>     ADC Home > Reference Library > Documentation > User Experience
>     > Apple Human Interface Guidelines > Menus > Menu Behavior:
>     Even if all of the items in a menu or submenu are unavailable,
>     the menu or submenu title is not dimmed. The user can still
>     open the menu, but all of its items are dimmed to indicate
     that these items are not available in the present context

This is what happens anyway if you just disable the button, the 
"Edit" text remains un-dimmed, but each item is dimmed.

>Since you never wanted to prevent the user from accessing 
>Preferences anyway, this will get you want you want for the low cost 
>of a couple milliseconds:
>   on DisableEditItems
>     repeat with i = 1 to (the number of lines of btn "Edit"-1)
>       disable menuitem i of btn "Edit"
>     end repeat
>   end DisableEditItems
>Instant HIG-compliant Edit menu for all supported platforms in one move.

This causes the Preferences Item in the Apps menu to be un-dimmed but 
unselectable, or rather nothing happens when you select it. The only 
way I can see of doing this is to use the above loop but check for an 
Item starting with "Preferences", which is a tad horrid! Same for the 
about box.

All the Best

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