Why isn't Rev more popular?

Kevin Miller kevin at runrev.com
Thu Dec 1 18:13:27 EST 2005

Hi Folks,

Thanks to everyone for the well considered and helpful suggestions that you
have all made.  We appreciate the feedback.  Let me chime in here with a few
comments on all of this.

If you ask people "why isn't" or "what's wrong with x" type questions it
invites, well, all negative responses. I'm sure we can do better, especially
when you give us feedback that is concrete and specific.

Over the past year we've been extremely successful in both growing our user
base and attracting partners who will help us grow it further.  Some of
those have yet to be announced, but over the course of the next year you
will see the results of that strategy. And I'm happy to say that a part of
what's coming will address a number of issues brought up in this thread.

I'd love to share our business strategy in more detail with you all to place
the suggestions you made in the considered context of our plans, but
unfortunately the world is a very competitive place and its simply not in
the interests of Revolution, and therefore this community, for me to do so.
Our actions over the coming months will speak for themselves.  We are where
we wanted to be right now and we are extremely well placed to grow in new
ways over the coming months.

I appreciate that people would like us to post more often to this list and
that is a visible thing that we've got to improve on.  Its a very fair
point.  To set this in context, we've been busy training new staff,
developing product, improving marketing, signing partners and getting ready
for some big next steps.  When things settle down a bit some of those new
staff will have time to come and post here more often.  Right now, as much
as everyone wants more posts on the list, people even more want us to
deliver new versions of the product with new manuals, better graphics,
better fields, enhancements to the IDE and a number of other big features -
many of which have been mentioned here, as well as implement the next big
steps of our marketing plan that will make Rev more popular.  As we execute
that the new team members will have time to settle in, and it will become
much easier for us to stay on top of the list traffic more regularly.

Lets remember a few of the successes that we've had over the last year.
We've worked so hard to bring on board 3rd parties and promote 3rd party
activities.  If I look back over the last dozen press releases we've done -
going back to July - 9 out of 12 of them are about 3rd party activities.  We
gained a 5 out of 5 review in MacWorld.  We've doubled sales and greatly
expanded our team.  We've improved the product to the extent that even the
most skeptical of our users has commented on how much more stable it is. And
we have new partners we'll be able to announce over the coming year.

Of course we're not always going to agree on everything we do with everyone.
In business you can't please everyone all the time. But we must be doing
something right to attract so many new customers.

I ask that you be patient and, I'd appreciate it if this thread could be put
to rest for now and we can return to solving programming and development

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ kevin at runrev.com ~ http://www.runrev.com/
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