Editing Styled Text in RunRev

Bob Hutchison hutch at recursive.ca
Thu Dec 1 11:39:24 EST 2005


I'm getting to be a bit of a pain, sorry about that, but I'm going to  
ask anyway. I'm not having much luck with finding some of the answers  
to my questions in the docs (partly terminology differences, partly  
conceptual differences, partly runrev doesn't do everything, of  
course, and I might be poking around the boundaries and documentation  
is notoriously bad at describing what isn't there nor alternatives to  
what isn't there :-)

I need a text editor. The text field in runrev is capable of showing  
styled text that looks to be almost sufficient for that side of  
things. Input is another matter altogether.

Okay, here's the visual display stuff that I think I need:

  * basics very much along the lines of the HTML text
  * paragraph indent
  * inline images, ideally something like HTML in a browser, but  
small inline icons as place markers is something I can live with
  * bullets and numbered lists (like HTML)

I can deal with bullets and numbered lists programatically if I have to.

It looks as though the HTMLText property supports <img> tags but I  
have not investigated.

Indent. I've not spotted anything yet about this. I can indent  
programatically if I have to (I think) but I really don't want to.

Input/editing of text for the basics is easy enough.

I would like to add the concept of class (like CSS class, I'd have  
called them 'styles' but that's already used in runrev) to the  
editors. If there is any visual feedback it would be minimal (maybe  
font or colour change). Can I do this somehow? Do chunks have custom  
properties? There are *two* kinds of class that are of interest:  
paragraph and character. I can probably use something like the group  
properties for character classes, but what about paragraphs? Can a  
single chunk be a part of more than one group?

So. I guess to summarise:

1) Is there a text editor out there that I can use?
2) Can I indent paragraphs?
3) What can/can't I do with images in text?
4) Can I assign custom properties/custom styles/custom something to  
chunks to represent two pieces of additional information?

I am completely open to suggestions (I know I've blurred requirements  
and a solution in this email, all I'm committed to is the requirement).


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