AW: Front Stack/Window???

Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Dec 1 03:49:37 EST 2005

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Alex Tweedly wrote:
>> .
> It's in "Stacks" as "4W UmbrellaMan"
Duh. Sorry - my eyes must be going .... I looked and looked - but just 
missed it.

>> btw - each time I use GoRevNet, it downloads the 137Kb stack.
>> Is it supposed to do that ?
>> How do I stop it ?
>> (Actually, I should be more precise - each time I start up Rev, 
>> GoRevNet will download the stack. If I select menu Development / 
>> Plugins / GoRevNet multiple times within the same Rev session, only 
>> the first such use downloads the stack, subsequent ones start up 
>> instantly. But if quit the IDE and restart it, next GoRevNet does 
>> another download.)
> Yes, as with any downloaded stack RevNet stays in memory only during 
> the current session.
> I could maintain a local cache to avoid the 3-second download (I'm 
> assuming yours isn't much longer, as I have the crappiest Airport 
> connection of anyone I know <g>), and we might be able to use the 
> cache for other things as well.
3 seconds ?
For me it averages about 1 minute. The crappiest Airport connection is 
much better than a dial-up out in the boonies.

> If you favor a cache, where would you prefer to see it stored?
In the plugins directory ?
Or maybe a user option ?
I'm pretty unaware of the various specialFolders and how they tend to 
get used, so not the right one to answer that.

Alex Tweedly

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