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> I know there has been lots of discussion on this topic since I joined 
> the
> list and I know many Rev'ers on this list have converted to Rev as 
> their dev
> language of first choice.
> I'm having a continuing conversation with my provider about using his 
> sever
> to serve my Rev app.  First was he highly recommended MSSQL, which the 
> list
> took exception to.  Then I suggested he take a look at RunRev as a
> development tool himself (hoping to get some local expertise using Rev 
> on a
> server) and here was his reply...
> "it is more of scripting language that a real programming language – 
> which
> is awesome for the non-technical developers like me and you, but is 
> not a
> true object oriented application language which is being taught in
> universities."
> I don't know what to say about that.
> Are there are x-talk/OOP languages that are compiled,
> or, a difference between an OOP and an x-talk language,
> or, maybe he just assumed that Rev is not a true OOP on first glance? 
> ...
> Jim

In the real production-state world, Rev TCP/IP applications servers are 
just :

- running 10 times faster than any Tomcat's or JBoss's hosted app ;
- developped by the app's designers them self in less time it take to 
teams to just tune SAP-based prebuild solutions :
- a mix between the best OOP programming langages guidlines issued from 
the smalltalk paradigm and the power of the best functional langages ;
- running as bytecode on top of a virtual machine that compile the 
scripts once before running them, just like Java try to do lots slower 
- a framework able to let us design and build all the 
"Model-View-Controler" n-tier based solutions the Java guys are 
dreaming about when they try to develop in using dozens of differents 
framworks (Tiles, Struts, Hibernate, ..., JMeter,...) without finding 
their "Graal".

As a complement, you can translate what, Michel Lai (one of the bests 
french OOP expert and Java independant CTO, along universities and 
engeeniers schools Professor, the french Ecole Pratique des 
Hautes-Etudes institute where i got my distribued applications Master, 
included) wrote after first testing one of the apps i wrote recently :

> Salut Pierre,
> Ton appli est vaiment impressionnate. Jamais je n'aurais eu le courage 
> d'utiliser Tiles Strust et Hibernate pour gérer des formulaires aussi 
> importants ! En tout cas cela donne envie de voir de plus près ce que 
> représente REVO. Dans ton cas d'appli très orientée formulaires et 
> SGBD (le fameux CRUD) c'est certainement très performants et quasi 
> imbattable avec mes bien trop complexes frameworks Java. Cependant 
> quid des performances et de la "scalabilité" de la run time.
> Combien d'utilisateurs simultanés pourraient tu traiter sur un serveur 
> plus conséquent que ton Mac Mini, Par exemple un G5 avec Biprocesseur. 
> Utilise tu un gestionnaire de connexions à la base de données (Pools 
> de connexions). Peux tu faire du mapping objects /SGBDR ? Comment 
> géres tu la récupération de la connexion si un utilisateur quitte le 
> site sans avoir cliqué sur quitter ? As tu des exemples de site en 
> réelle production supportant une disponibilité de 99,9 % ?
> A bientôt.
> Michel Lai

If that don't suffice, just let him ask me for a login/password on the 
app Professor Michel Lai is speaking about and i will be aware to let 
him test this web application online...

Hope this can help,

Best Regards,

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