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Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Fri Apr 29 14:23:15 CDT 2005

Hello to this most helpful of lists,

I would like to ask if putting globals needs to be right after a 
handler name or is it OK to put it where I did below. My thinking is 
they only need declared if I am going to do something with them. Is 
this faster?

The phover is a state where mouseDowns are not used so I don't want to 
waste time here.

on mouseDown
   if the phover of this stack is "false" then
     global gTheKeys, gTheMKeys, gInputTrayText
     put the short name of the target into ltheCheck
     if (lTheCheck is among the lines of gTheKeys) or (lTheCheck is 
among the lines of gTheBKeys) then
       put field "Inputtray" into gInputTrayText
       CheckPreviewButtons  --
       pass mouseDown
     end if
   end if
end mouseDown

ALSO, Is the 'pass mouseDown' necessary here?  My thinking is that if 
we are in a state for using mouseDown but not in my 'special' keys then 
pass the message on to stack to deal with if needed. BUT I don't 
imagine needing it then SO is it really necessary?

Thank you,


Thomas J. McGrath III
1000 Killarney Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15234

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