Too little space leads to too many spaces

Michael J. Lew michaell at
Wed Apr 20 18:02:43 CDT 2005

Yesterday I encountered an oddity when I started to work on a Rev 
project: I started to get repeating space characters in the script 
editor. When I closed the script the problem seemed to go away, at 
least until I focused on a field when the spaces reappeared. My 
keyboard looked fine, and so I switched to another app and there 
seemed to be no problem... until I clicked in a editable place. I 
guessed that Rev had gone mad and so I quit it. That didn't fix the 
problem so I restarted the computer, which did.

Today I started the same Rev project and immediately found the same 
repeating space characters appearing in a field, and in my other 
apps. Oh no, a Rev bug bites? No!. It turns out that when I started 
to work with Rev each time I got out my project workbook and put it 
in front of the keyboard. The book didn't press the space key on that 
keyboard, but I have a second keyboard behind my monitor simply to 
act as a USB extender and when I put the workbook in front of my 
primary keyboard, I was pushing the keyboard back a bit which pushed 
the monitor back a bit which pushed some CD covers onto the space key 
of my USB extender keyboard!

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