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On 4/18/05 7:06 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, J. Landman Gay  wrote:
>>>How can one reliably tell on Windows when a key is pressed versus when it is
>>Are you sure you don't have your operating systems backwards? ;) In my
>>experience, it has always been Mac OS that doesn't generate accurate
>>keyUp messages. Windows has always worked for me. That is an OS
>>limitation, as Macs send keyup immediately after keydown, regardless of
>>the physical state of the key itself. Or at least, that's how it has
>>always been in the past.
> Thanks for the response Jacque.  But I wonder if you might be thinking about
> OS9.  OSX works great for me.

Seems to work for me too, so it must have been OS 9. It's been a few 
years since I had to use this.

> When I run the following simple test stack on MacOS, it works as expected:
>   go url ""
> Enable the test button and press one/some keys.  The pressed keys are shown
> and [empty] is displayed when nothing is pressed.
> When this is run on WindowsXP, I get a mostly empty result, that flickers
> between the pressed keys and [empty].  The keysDown function is apparently
> not working because it doesn't seem to reliably return the keys that are
> pressed (my understanding is the keysDown function was originally designed
> to get around this whole key detection problem).
> Does this work for you on Windows (or anyone else for that matter)?

Wish I could test it on Windows for you, but my Windows machine is 
unavailable for a few weeks. But someone else said it worked in WinXP -- 
which is weird, if it isn't working on your machine. Could your machine 
have caught a virus/keylogger (or would that even interfere?) Or do you 
have some macro thing installed, or anything?

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