Profiles or other?

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I had thought of that.  Only bad thing is that the controls are going to be
spread throughout the stack and on different cards.  I suppose I could do
that and place the group on the cards where I need any of those controls,
but then I would still have to handle hiding/showing individual controls,
which is kind of what I was hoping to avoid.


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Chris Sheffield wrote:
> I'm trying to accomplish something and I'm wondering if using profiles is
> going to be my best bet or if there is some other way of accomplishing
> I'm working on an update to a stack which, when released, will act in such
> way so that certain features will only be available based on license keys
> that users will enter.  So basically I've created a custom property that
> will get set to true or false once it has been determined if these
> should be enabled or not.  What I would like to do is have certain
> become visible upon setting that custom property.  So I'm thinking I would
> just handle the setProp for that property and then use revSetStackProfile
> essentially "show" all the controls that I want to give access to.
> Otherwise, they would remain hidden.  Does that make sense?  Not sure if
> explaining this very well.  The only problem is that I've found in the
> that revSetStackProfile can be a bit slow, but I'm not sure if that was
> because of something I did wrong or what.  I'm assuming the command scans
> through all the controls in the stack and sets them to the profile you
> specify (if it exists for that control).  So if the stack is large, it
> take some time.
> Anyway, is this the best thing to do, or can someone think of something
> else?

One way would be to group the controls according to license type, then 
you only have to hide/show one object.

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