Card Group Label Names

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Apr 16 06:13:43 CDT 2005

Hi Kathy

> Hi y'all
> (I am having some Browser problems. I hope this is not
> a repeat.)
> I need a list of "the labels" of the groups of a card
> whose background behavior is set to false:
> I got as far as the following script:
> put the groupNames of card 1 into groupsToShow
> answer groupsToShow
> And, of course I get the group id of both background
> and card groups.
> So an hour later (Did I mention I was blond;) I

hey, i'm blond, too! :-)

> decided to ask the following on line:
> How do I get the Labels of just the card groups?

If you like it short:

   get the groupNames of this cd ## important to use this indentifier!
   filter it without (the backgroundNames of this stack) ## and this one!
   answer it

> Thanks
> Kathy Graves Jaqua
> A  Wildest Dream Software
Sounds very promising :-)

> kgjaqua1 at

Best from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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