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Jeffrey Reynolds jeff at
Fri Apr 15 10:08:46 EDT 2005

very good. sometimes you get lucky with united connecting into 
monterey! Everytime i fly it changes (except sjo, thats usually just 
expensive). usually get to sfo or oak for about $250-300 from the east 
coast. sometime i get lucky at $200... into monterey rarely goes below 
$375/400 from the east coast, so i can get a car for a week and fly 
into sfo/oak for the price of going into monterey. btw jet blue really 
works well if they fly to your area. they're not as cheap as they use 
to be now that they are popular!

also picking up a ticket from lax to monterey can be very expensive, 
but sfo or lax to sjo is cheap on southwest. usually a lot cheaper to 
rent a one day, one way car rental to get from monterey to sjo then fly 
to lax (or long beach). also a lot more flights from sjo than monterey. 
sometimes they pretty much throw in the sfo or lax to monterey 
connection on longer flights for free, sometimes it works out to you 
paying the fare into lax then the additional lax/sfo to monterey 
connection costs, check the costs to lax or sfo alone.

for quite a while United was really pushing Oakland and had dirt cheap 
fares from the east coast, even for a late ticket purchase, not sure if 
thats true now or not.


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On Apr 15, 2005, at 5:57 AM, use-revolution-request at 

> I ended up getting around $400 round trip from Minneapolis to Monterey
> through SFO... not too bad, IMHO. Check Orbitz/Travelocity/etc. Use the
> "MRY" for the airport code...

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