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On 4/14/05 5:29 PM, Dick Kriesel wrote:

> On 4/14/05 1:14 PM, "J. Landman Gay" <jacque at> wrote:
>>After Q&A, the formal part of the conference ends. A transcript of the
>>proceedings will be saved and placed into the conference stack, which
>>will be re-uploaded to the web site. Folks who want a copy of the
>>transcript can re-download the stack after the conference is over. In
>>addition, future Rev users will have access to these stacks and their
>>accompanying transcripts, allowing them to learn the material even
>>though they did not have a chance to attend the conference itself. In
>>other words, we will be creating an archive of tutorials and learning
>>materials that anyone can use.
> People who missed a conference may have good questions and/or answers to
> append to the transcript.  Especially, gurus might later want to say
> something like "There's a better way to do that.."  How will people carry on
> a post-conference discussion?  On use-rev?

Good point. I don't see an easy way to keep these stacks continually 
updated though. But if the conferences are anything like the AOL 
versions, I think you'll find that we end up with a fairly complete 
explanation by the time the stack is done (the Q&A sessions tended to 
catch a lot of loose ends.) I guess if there is any further follow-up 
later on, it would have to be done on the lists as you say. Of course, 
the best solution would be to make sure that all the gurus are at the 
conference in the first place. ;) Several of the RR team members plan to 

My initial idea was to have this first set of beginner topics and see 
how it goes. If the conferences are well attended and received, then I 
would like to continue with a set of intermediate topics. If those are 
popular, then we can go on to more advanced stuff. We could conceivably 
be doing this for some years.

I also suspect these conferences can benefit lots of people who are not 
on this list. There are some customers who are new to Revolution but 
don't participate here, and others who have heard of Rev but haven't 
started working with it yet. These first conferences would be ideal for 
them. RR will do a customer mailing about it, but if folks know of 
anyone else who might be interested, spread the word.

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