How many developers in USA & Oracle question

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Thu Apr 14 12:12:29 EDT 2005


Seeing that screen full of French makes me realize that it's time to 
internationalize Web Photos Pro.  Must be what my French, German and 
Dutch customers feel like when all they see if English.

-- Frank

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> From: Pierre Sahores <psahores at>
> Subject: Re: How many developers in USA & Oracle question
> To: How to use Revolution <use-revolution at>
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> Hello,
> Feel free to test this n-tier web app build in using rev on the
> application server side and postgresql as the backend, both running on
> the same box and binded together trought localhost TCP/IP connections.
> This app is up for test purpose only and you can test all write and
> read operations without any restriction.
> the acces url : <>
> the login : iplsport
> the password : portipls
> Feel free to ask for more explanations about how to setup such kind of
> app for your own.

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