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Fri Apr 8 23:55:07 CDT 2005

Peter Armstrong wrote:
 > After enjoying your software my confidence rating
 > dropped to ZERO.

Did you mean to send that to support at

The users in this discussion forum don't make the script editor.
At least not Rev's.

 > Seems the IDE is a very leaky tank but the engine is
 > pretty stable.

I feel pretty strongly about the engine myself.

FWIW, the engine is about 14 years old, and the RunRev IDE much more 
recent.  The engine used to be owned by MetaCard Corp., and after the 
acquisition of the engine by RunRev Ltd. the old MetaCard IDE was 
re-released as an open source project:

Many people consider the MC IDE to be quite primitive, but it's for that 
reason that I use it: it keeps the minimal distance between my work and 
the engine.

It may not have the features you're looking for, and I can't say I 
recommend it.  My point is merely agreement about your favorable view of 
the engine, and to note that it's powerful enough to support any number 
of IDEs, at least two of which are open source.  So if one's not to your 
liking you can contribute to another, or write your own.

Of course whether the engine is valuable enough to make working on IDE 
for it worthwhile is a subjective choice, and I'd understand if your 
first reaction was something along the lines of "WTF?!?". ;)

But for a lot of us the engine has delivered an unmatched ROI that more 
than makes up for any deficiencies in the IDEs available for it.

For myself and my clients, the engine is the only thing that matters. 
We tend to make a lot of our own tools for working with it anyway.

I can't say I've been paticularly enamored of any of the IDEs I've 
worked with for any scripting language, but at least with the Rev engine 
I have the power I need to roll my own....

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