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Tue Apr 5 21:13:42 CDT 2005

On 4/5/05 3:31 PM, "Yves COPPE" <yvescoppe at> wrote:

> Hi list,
> I have a fld with an alphabetical list
> I have a script to automatically scroll the fld at the beginning of a
> clicked letter : tKey
> (thank you Klaus)
>   put lineOffset(return & tKey, fld "body") into lo

Be careful... when you look for "return & tKey", you need to look for it in
"return & fld "body"" otherwise you'll be one line off AND you will never
match the first line. For example, consider this list, which I'll call
tFruit (and I use "CR" instead of "return"):


If I ask for lineOffset(CR & "b",tFruit), I'll get "1" instead of "2"
because the first part of the match (the CR following "apple") is on line 1
instead of line 2. 

Similarly, if I ask for lineOffset(CR & "a",tFruit), I will get 0 because
the list doesn't start with a CR; it starts with "a".

So to make it work properly, you need to do:

  put lineOffset(CR & "b",CR & tFruit)

This causes my list to look like this:


So matching CR & "b" matches the CR following "apple", which is on line 2.

Start there, and see if you still need to adjust your scrolling.

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