Toggle Listbehavior

Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Apr 4 23:39:21 EDT 2005

I want to toggle the listbehavior of a fld with a simple check btn:

on mouseUp
   set the listbehavior of fld "ToDo" to the hilite of me
end mouseUp

problem: it works to set listbehavior to true but

unchecking leaves "orphaned to true props" :

locktext  ## remains set to true
dontwrap  ## remains set to true

is this a bug? If setting listbehavior to true turns these properties 
on, then should they not be turned off if they were not on in the first 
place? The following is of course a simple work around, but I was 
thinking perhaps there was an issue with setting listbehavior to false. 
Or is this expected behavior...

on mouseUp
   put "locktext,dontwrap,listbehavior" into tProps
   repeat for each item x in tProps
       set the x of fld "ToDo" to the hilite of me
   end repeat
end mouseUp


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