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You need to set the properties of the field to behave like a table.  
You can do this using the "Table" page of the Property Inspector for 
the field, or (assuming you have Rev 2.5 or newer) you can simply drag 
out a "Table Field" from the toolbar rather than an ordinary "Field" 
(the Table Field icon is right next to the Field icon).

You can control column widths using the tabStops property, which is 
also available from the Table page of the Property Inspector.

On Apr 4, 2005, at 7:19 PM, zack wrote:

> Sorry,
> I would like it to display like a spreadsheet, With columns and rows
> appearing in the cells Instead it is just displaying in one long 
> string.
> The fields are delimitated by TAB and the records are makes with a 
> Field1  Field2  field3
> etc     etc     etc
> But when put myVariable into field "my Table field" I get one long 
> string.
> It is not split up into the cells as I expected.
> Is Rev looking for different delimiters?
> z
> On 4/4/05 4:10 PM, "Frank D. Engel, Jr." <fde101 at> wrote:
>> on mouseUp
>>    ... set up myVariable ...
>>    put myVariable into field "My Table Field"
>> end mouseUp
>> Can you be more specific about what kind of trouble you are having?
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