Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Apr 3 08:00:11 CDT 2005

Hi Thomas,

> Klaus,
> I thought the act of "Place"ing a group made it a background group.

well, it looks like, but i don#t think this is the documented(?) and 
desired behaviour...

You can placeAND remove ANY group (BG or NOT!) onto/from any card 
without having
its "backgroundbehaviour" set to true! See the docs for "place"...

> In fact I can not Place a group from the menu unless it is a 
> background group. So if it shows up under the menu item then it must 
> be a bg group.
> Once I start playing with the groups and script placing and or menu 
> placing they all become BG groups

Yes, that's what my test made clear...
"place bg xyz..." WILL set the backgroundbehaviour to true!

But setting that prop to false again does NOT work!
I still don't think this is correct!

Any other hints and opinions are very welcome :-)

> tom


Klaus Major
klaus at

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