Documentation windows won't appear.

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Sep 29 21:40:09 EDT 2004

I don't know if I've managed to do something stupid, or if I've run into a 
bug ....

Rev 2.5 (Dreamcard) on Win2000 : I can't get to see any of the documentation.
Each of:
  - menu Help/Documentation
  - Ctrl-?
  - menu Help / Topics -> (any choice)
  - toolbar "Documentation"
  - right click on keyword in script editor
produce no visible effect, i.e. no documentation window.

When I click on the toolbar "Documentation" it briefly goes bold, then goes 
back to normal font; the main Rev window loses focus.

On the other hand, menu Help / Quick Ref -> (any choice) all work fine.

Everything else seems to be working.

Is there something stupid I could have done (like setting the "visible" of 
stack revdocs to false) or is it likely to be a bug ?   (I have checked the 
visible and position/size of stack revdocs - anything else I should check ?)

Thanks for any suggestions
-- Alex.

I think it's been like this for a few days 

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