Accessing parts of arrays

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Maybe you could use the intersect command to split out subarrays. 
Otherwise, remember that you can easily combing an array by comma and 
then use the average(item 1 to 4 of x) approach.

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>Hello everyone,
>In doing some statistical work, it occurred to me that Revolution's
>arrays would be greatly enhanced if we could access sub-arrays just
>like we can with itemized and line-delimited lists.
>For example, in a comma-delimited list of the natural numbers, 1 to 10,
>we can compute the average of any subset of the numbers using the
>average() function:
>put "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" into x
>put average(item 1 to 4 of x) && \
>average(x) && \
>average(item 1 to 8 of x) --yields 2.5, 5.5 and 4.5.
>But as far as I know, we cannot refer to element 1 to 4 of array x, and
>we can only take the average of all the values in x to get 5.5 as
>multiply t by 0
>repeat 10 times
>add 1 to t
>put t into x[t]
>end repeat
>put average(x) -- yields 5.5
>	Greg

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