create Profile via script?

Leston Drake lestond at
Wed Sep 29 16:57:02 EDT 2004

Thanks Jeane. I tried that w/o knowing about the Preference option (so it 
didn't create it). I also found that there is a revNewProfile 
(undocumented) command that does the same thing.


At 01:07 PM 9/29/2004, you wrote:
>At 11:33 AM -0600 9/28/2004, Leston Drake wrote:
>>I was wondering (hoping) if there is a command to create a new profile 
>>for an object using script. I have a bunch of fields in a stack that I 
>>need to create an additional profile for, and don't really want to do it 
>>by hand.
>Check out the revProfile property. If you set an object's revProfile to a 
>nonexistent profile, it will be created. (This requires that you check the 
>"Create Profiles Automatically" box in Preferences first.)
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