[OT] What are the MIME rules for email attachments

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Sep 28 04:31:22 EDT 2004

James.Cass at sealedair.com wrote:

> Richard -
> We have the same problem with Notes trying to "help us out" (read, 
> "bit-mangle") with attachments.  The best thing I know to do is to 
> ZIP/Stuff the file before it's attached.  Self-extracting would be the 
> safest, but will add to the file size a bit.
> HTH...James

Thanks for the commiseration. :)

I hate to inconvenience my users by making them go find and figure out a 
compression utility.  Thankfully Rev gives us built-in compression, so I 
added that to our file format.

Feels kinda dumb though to have to do silly things like this just to 
compensate for email vendors who somehow can quite get around to reading 
the MIME spec.

    Rule #1 of user interface design:  The user is in control.

    Translation for email software vendors:  If the user says
    it's an attachment, it's an attachment.

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