Open an Application from within RR-Andre's a Genius

Kathy Jaqua kgjaqua1 at
Tue Sep 28 01:17:06 EDT 2004

Thanks Ken,

You guys are so bright! This genius list is growing. 

So where should I place your learned following script:
(which I might add is just a tiny bit over my head ;)

function isAppRunning pAppname
    replace ".app" with "" in pAppName
    put "tell application " & q("Finder") & cr &
"return the processes" & \
      cr & "end tell" into tAS
    do tAS as AppleScript
    put the result into tProcs
    return (offset("process" && q(pAppName),tProcs) <>
end isAppRunning

So what exactly does this script do; since I
understood-- lets see; replace, with, put,
&cr&...Umm--  shall I go on with this list.

All kidding aside I really want to learn this script! 

I now have this button "open iCal" that say: 

on mouseUp
   do field "myscript" as applescript
end mouseUp

field "myscript":
tell application "iCal"
end tell

Now what do I do?

Kathy Graves Jaqua
A Wildest Dream Software
kgjaqua1 at 

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