Open an Application from within RR-Andre's a Genius

Ken Ray kray at
Tue Sep 28 00:47:00 EDT 2004

On 9/27/04 11:42 PM, "Kathy Jaqua" <kgjaqua1 at> wrote:

> Andre or...
>  How can I tell if the application "iCal" is opened?
> Maybe they deleted it or something. Is there a script
> to check this so I can give them a dialog box
> suggesting they might reinstall the application.

How about this:

function isAppRunning pAppname
    replace ".app" with "" in pAppName
    put "tell application " & q("Finder") & cr & "return the processes" & \
      cr & "end tell" into tAS
    do tAS as AppleScript
    put the result into tProcs
    return (offset("process" && q(pAppName),tProcs) <> 0)
end isAppRunning


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