Prototype or production?

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Mon Sep 27 17:33:30 EDT 2004

>VHD wrote:
>>  On the subject of marketing, I am amazed that I have never heard
>>  of runrev before! (and I spend a fair bit of time reading various
>  > news tech sites.)


At 10:07 -0700 9/27/04, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>Another reason is that marketing thus far has been limited primarily 
>to trade shows (renowned for their low ROI) and press releases for 
>new versions.  There are of course a million other ways to spread 
>the word, and hopefully the product and the company are now in a 
>position to better seize those opportunities.

Right you are you usually are!

On method of spreading the word is by having a conference. Such an 
activity results
in press releases, announcements on web sites & email lists, and more.

Spreading the word can be local also...I spoke with the Director of 
the Centre for
Communications Technology last week and he promises to recruit 
faculty and students
from his department for the EuroRevCon. Small school...they run about 
sixty Macs,
but each one counts.

Next week I speak again with a senior researcher from Malta 
University, he suggested we
develop a plan which will bring all faculty and as many students as possible
from the Computer Science Department of the university. This will 
require my cooking
some lemon chicken and opening a few bottles of wine as we talk 
strategy...hard work
but I'll get it done.

I'll be doing an article in the Malta Times that will reach local 
designers, computing
firms, etc. and hopefully convert a few through that means of 
spreading the word.
I've had a few tell me they will be at the conference.

After speaking to a fellow who hosted an education conference here, 
he contacted
some people from Nepal (Himalaya Training Centre ), they have sent 
payment and I'm
working on their visa right now. Maybe we'll have five 
Revolutionaries over in Nepal
after the conference.

I've even heard a rumor that somebody from South America will attend...   :-)

The above is only a partial list of the promotion I've done or will 
do for this event - right you
are Richard, there are a million ways to spread the word.

I'd like to have a few more from this list attend...get in touch if you want to
know more about it.

The European Revolution Conference
14-15-16 November 2004

Be there or be square!

Fantastic ErorRevCon tee shirts & other items available at:


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