Prototype or production?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Sep 27 16:25:46 EDT 2004

david at wrote:

> Simply put I believe RunRev should have a well thought out open source 
> strategy.

Yeah, in my dreams. :)

Imagine what open sourcing the engine would do for consultants (and 
adoption in general).

But alas, without the sales revenue the engine owners would be looking 
for work....

> Anyway that's what I work on :)  It's fun getting shot down by both the 
> open source purists and the proprietary focused business model people.

Yeah, too much dogma on all sides.

But as for open source Rev stacks, it really shouldn't matter that the 
engine is proprietary.  After all, no one raises an eyebrow when you 
release open source wares that require a proprietary OS to run.

The MetaCard IDE is open source.  I'm sure someone out there may have a 
problem with it requring a license for the Rev engine to run, but I'm 
having way too much fun making software with it to get bogged down in 
silly religiosity. :)

> In the middle there be unexplored turf.

There may also be reasons why it's unexplored.  I'm very cautious when 
interpreting the economic "new math" too often foisted by open source 

Don't get me wrong:  I definitely believe in open source; I help manage 
two open source projects.  But my belief is very selectively applied.  I 
already have a religion; with open source I'm looking for results, not 
theology. ;)

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