Prototype or production?

thierry douez at
Mon Sep 27 15:00:26 EDT 2004


dan> No I don't think that's much of an issue. I think they are getting there 
dan> - but they hold a strange middle ground. From Unix to user friendly 
dan> peoples tool. personally i don't think they make as much use of the Unix 
dan> pedigree. This would be best done by forging connections with open 
dan> source communities IMO. Interesting that you came across it on a perl site?

in my humble experience, just found Metacard as i was developping a big project,
mainly in Perl + few others tools.... having some experience from Hypercard on
Mac in the 80s, i was looking for something quite equivalent running on Linux..
and found it ! an interesting story was that in our project one engineer left
early   with   almost   no   documentation   :-).  in less than a day, we worked
together  to  build  a  GUI...  just  questions and answers i build a GUI to his
development and we were able to manage straight all his perl scripts, but we did
have  a  good  documentation just by making the GUI....  much more powerful than
100 pages of text specifications that most of programers *hate* to do anyway.
Do not see how to do this with any Graphical LIbrary or Tk or others...

and  concerning  Prototyping  and  Development, i believe strongly that spending
more on prototyping reduce the time of so-called developement....

Hope this help.

regards,   thierry

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