Win XP interface quirks

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Mon Sep 27 14:03:15 EDT 2004


Thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately I am still having problems.

The OpenCard handler you provided does not seem to be doing the trick. I tried it in 
serveral different incarnations: using openCard, preOpenCard, with an extra unlock 
screen as the first line in the Refresh handler, using a longer delay time, and none of 
them worked for me. Have you been able to use this work-around with 2.5 yet?

Setting the traversalOn prop of the fields to false works alright, except for the fact 
that users can no longer navagate the list with the arrow keys. Also many of my list 
fields implement a jump-to-line-by-typing-the-first-few-chars-of-the-line behavior, 
which I was using the keyDown handler to implement. Since with traversalOn set the false 
the field can't be focused, there are no keydown messages to trap. I got around this by 
sticking the logic for both the arrow keys and the jump-to-by-typing mechanism higher up 
in the message path, but unfortunately this can only work when there is exactly one list 
on the card and also the focused control is not another field, as otherwise there is 
abiguity as to which list is the focused list, or as to which field the typing is going.

Seems like this is a pretty obvious problem, in that it sure looks ugly and is bound to 
pop up for just about everyone using Rev. Is the rev team on this? Might you know when 
an update going to be released? It is not quite prohibitive in that I will still 
probably upgrade to 2.5, but it is darn close. I really dont like the look of that box.

Also I hope the button issue can be resolved. The other issue I mentioned caused by the 
change of default font is no big deal. I already re-aligned all my stuff.

Any additional help you could provide would be great. Thanks in advance,

David Beck
Rotunda Software

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