Prototype or production?

VHD vhd at
Mon Sep 27 09:02:53 EDT 2004

>> >If you
>> >need some speed enhancements you can always write or use an external 
>> >command or a shell application to do the heavy processing.
>> Being able to do this is what makes RR even more interesting. 
>> I like the idea of delagating heavy processing stuff to 
>> another language. (But then again I have read that transcript 
>> is actually quite fast.)
>It's not fast enough for Neural Nets for example but it's fast enough
>to manage a lot! And you have to be careful how you call your shells 
>or RR will sit waiting until it receives the answer from the shell. 

Now that you mention Neural Nets, have you tried linking RR with octave, scilab or matlab?


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