Prototype or production?

VHD vhd at
Mon Sep 27 08:36:40 EDT 2004

Thanks for all your replies.

>RunRev will make that even more enjoyable.
>Prototypes? Well usually you prototype an application in RunRev
>and this one becomes the final version in most cases. 

OK this is was I thought, but wanted to make sure. (Perhaps they should remove the word "prototype" from their marketing material as it is a bit confusing.)

>If you
>need some speed enhancements you can always write or use an
>external command or a shell application to do the heavy 

Being able to do this is what makes RR even more interesting. I like the idea of delagating heavy processing stuff to another language. (But then again I have read that transcript is actually quite fast.)

>For the most part, I develop on the fly any application that I
>use in production (after testing naturally.)
>I don't have much experience with RR database access yet but
>the rest is really fine and works great.

>From the replies I have had so far, it seems that not many (or at least not the majority) of RR users write database applications, which probably explains why there isn't a good grid control and thorough documentation on this topic. (I am very new to all this so I may have missed something. If I have please point me in the right direction.)

>Although I don't use perl (im kind of alergic to the syntax)
>I use the shell command a LOT and it's not bad at all )except
>for some shell commands that wait for an answer like telnet.)

I am very excited about the possibilities, I still need to learn more about it though.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind replies,


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