Revolution test stacks

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Sep 26 18:38:46 EDT 2004

Two test stacks (80 KB) to demonstrate the effects of  Bugzilla 2019 and 
2217 - and to provide the possibility to experiment and explore - are 
available on my website 
(<>). I tried also to 
upload the stacks the Revonline User Space, but the unlock key I got 
does not work.

I added a smaller 1600-fields stack to the larger stack with 3300 
fields, because the smaller stack does not slow down the Revolution IDE 
as much as the big one (causing almost a freeze of the Rev IDE on 
medium-fast computers), but demonstrates lesser but still noticeable 
effects of bug 2019 and a moderate build time for a standalone of only 3 
minutes on the average - bug 2217 - compared to the average 40 (forty) 
minutes build time for the bigger stack.

Both stacks contain the bug reports and the possibility to turn off 
Bugzilla 2019 - using a button to remove the offending frontscript of 
the Rev IDE and another to turn it on again - to be able to compare the 
two states.

Summary and additions (to the filed bug reports):

Both bugs are specific to the Rev IDE, i.e. they are not engine-related 
and do not occur in the Metacard IDE that uses the same engine as 
Revolution. Symptoms of Bugzilla 2019 disappear once a standalone has 
been built. They are however noticeable when the stacks are opened with 
the Dreamcard Player or any self-built player that includes the "table 
library". If a standalone should contain this "table library" then it 
displays the Bugzilla-2019 problems, too.

Bugzilla 2019 describes the effects of the faulty script of button 
"revtable" of stack "revlibrary" as a standard frontscript of the Rev 
IDE that influences any application built with Rev, although it may have 
nothing to do with table fields and cells. It also influences the 
functionality of the IDE itself.

Symptoms of Bugzilla 2019 are:

- a "button delay" of up to 20 seconds from when you first click on a 
button until it begins to execute its scripts - this also holds for the 
"readme" buttons of the 3300-fields stack - both for the stack and the 
IDE controls

- sudden "transparency" of Rev IDE elements when they are started 
(script editor, object inspector etc)

- immovable IDE windows (for some time)

etc.etc. = see the full bug description.

The "remove" button script in both stacks to make the bug effects 
disappear (for the Rev IDE and the Dreamcard Player) reads

"remove script of btn "revtable" of card 1002 of stack "revlibrary" from 

If you use a self-built Revolution Player that includes the script 
library "table" - or if you have included this library in your 
standalone - then a corresponding button script for removal of 
Bugzilla-2019 effects is

"remove script of button id 1044 of group id 1037 of card id 1002 of 
stack....", followed by the name of the Player or standalone stack using 
an absolute path (which can be retreived by an appropriate script). -----

Bugzilla 2217 - extended standalone build times - is also Rev-IDE 
specific and applies not only to larger number of fields, but to 
controls in general. Fields, however, are most time-consuming. Bugzilla 
2217 is totally "unrelated" to Bugzilla 2019.
You can find out this by first removing the "revtable" script from front 
and only after that building the standalone.

The average build time of three minutes for the smaller stack and forty 
minutes for the 3300-fields stack is also independent of which option 
you choose in the "Standalone Application Settings".
Standalone build time for both stacks in the Metacard IDE is only one 

Tested on Windows XP on a 2.5 GHz computer.--

-- Wilhelm Sanke

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