Rev 2.5 Hang at Launch on OS X Bugzilla'd

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Sat Sep 25 09:32:17 EDT 2004

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> From: Dan Shafer <revdan at>
> Subject: Rev 2.5 Hang at Launch on OS X Bugzilla'd
> loading menus and plugins, and then hangs. Until today, I didn't find
> anything short of a reinstall that helped. I think I discovered today
> that replacing the revpreferences.rev stack in the components/save
> folder solves the problem. But then you have to resupply your serial
> number and reset all your preferences.
> This happens for me more than once or twice a month and I just can't
> find a pattern. I can work in Rev for hours, close it, go to lunch,
> come back, launch it and have it fail. No warning, nothing.
> Am I the only one experiencing this?


Two things:

1) Why not make a copy of the whole Rev app folder when things are 
working (or at least the revPreferences stack), and when things fail, 
just make a copy of that copy?  Shouldn't take but 20 seconds or so to 
copy the copy and have a running Rev app -- no reinstall needed.

2) I shouldn't say this out loud, because I'll probably jinx myself, 
but the only time I've had Rev crash on me at startup is when I did a 
"start using" on a stack that had an "on openStack" handler in it.  It 
got into some weird infinite loop that caused it to hang.  My rule now 
is that any stack that I call "start using" on must be a pure library 
stack -- i.e. it never handles any system messages such as "on 
startup", "on openstack", etc.

Don't know if this is what's happening with you, but you might look at 
the stacks you're calling "start using" on, and see if any respond to 
system messages.

-- Frank

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