Rev 2.5 Hang at Launch on OS X Bugzilla'd

Bruce Lewis lewisbruce at
Sat Sep 25 06:47:37 EDT 2004

The same thing happens to me once or twice a day.

At first I thought it was a plugin stack I created to open at startup, but
most of the time removing that stack did not make any difference. I too
have been keeping a copy of the disk image along with my registration
number and simply reinstall frequently.

I will try the revpreferences technique next time this happens.

Macintosh OS 10.3.4

Strangely, this has not happened on my powerbook where I have (I think) an
identical Revolution installation. Differences are that the desktop machine
is a dual G5 and the PowerBook is a G4 and, perhaps the PowerBook has an
earlier version of OS X.

It may happen sometimes after I have another strange problem. A stack with
destroyStack set to true is closed. Some time later it is reopened by a
script. A dialogue comes up saying a stack with the same name is open and
asking me if I want to purge, etc. No matter what btn I press it goes into
a continuous cycle. Sometimes the cycle stops with cmd-. I quit and when I
reopen Revolution I believe it hangs. However, that clearly is not the only
time it hangs on starting.

When it hangs I don't have to force quit, since it quits on cmd-q.


At 3:22 PM -0700 9/24/04, Dan Shafer wrote:
>I've about had it with this bug, which I was sure I'd reported and BZed
>before, but apparently not.
>If you can confirm that this bug arises, please go add to my
>Essentially, trying to launch Rev (this has been true for 2.2 and is
>still true in 2.5 though less frequent), the splash screen comes up,
>gets to the point where it says in the lower right corner that it's
>loading menus and plugins, and then hangs. Until today, I didn't find
>anything short of a reinstall that helped. I think I discovered today
>that replacing the revpreferences.rev stack in the components/save
>folder solves the problem. But then you have to resupply your serial
>number and reset all your preferences.
>This happens for me more than once or twice a month and I just can't
>find a pattern. I can work in Rev for hours, close it, go to lunch,
>come back, launch it and have it fail. No warning, nothing.
>Am I the only one experiencing this?

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