Standalone runs openstack & closestack b4 stack window appears

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Fri Sep 24 08:27:38 EDT 2004

>I have a single-stack rev project in which the stack script has both 
>an openstack handler and a closestack handler. Doesn't sound that 
>unusual, does it? However, when compiled as a standalone with Rev 
>2.5 under Mac OS 9.1,  _both_ the openstack _and_ closestack 
>handlers run before the stack window appears. Then, once the stack 
>window appears, the openstack handler runs _again_!
>There are not other openstack or closestack handlers in the stack. I 
>checked the documentation to see if this was normal, but could not 
>find anything. I worked around this problem by testing for the 
>existence of the stack window in the openstack handler, and changing 
>the closestack handler to a closestackrequest handler.
>Does anyone have an inkling why a closestack handler would run upon 
>starting a standalone, and why an openstack handler would run twice?
>Bruce Pokras
>Blazing Dawnsoftware

Bruce, have you tried using message watcher (or umbrellaman) to see 
the flow of messages? This should give you a clue what's going on. 
Something must be triggering those messages.

If there are substacks that are being open in that stack file, for 
example, they can trigger these messages.

Robert Brenstein

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