Debugging in 2.5?

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Sep 24 01:55:59 EDT 2004


With Revolution 2.5, you can no longer 'debug' the IDE using traditional 
debug measures. This is the same for any stack having the prefix "rev" 
(or so it appears).

The debugger seems to work fine for me outside the IDE. In fact, I 
believe they've actually fixed many bugs in the debugger, including 
errant errors.



Mark Wieder wrote:
> Chipp-
> Well, I went back and tried it again and it sort of works now. Must
> have been a build 1 thing. The Step Into and Step Over buttons just
> acted the same as the run button. That made debugging useless for me
> so I reverted to 2.2. Still annoying not being able to step through
> IDE code, so I'm not giving up my 2.2 build, but it looks like things
> are stable enough. Thanks for making me take a second look.

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