Debugging in 2.5?

Mark Wieder mwieder at
Thu Sep 23 23:51:25 EDT 2004


Well, I went back and tried it again and it sort of works now. Must
have been a build 1 thing. The Step Into and Step Over buttons just
acted the same as the run button. That made debugging useless for me
so I reverted to 2.2. Still annoying not being able to step through
IDE code, so I'm not giving up my 2.2 build, but it looks like things
are stable enough. Thanks for making me take a second look.

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

Thursday, September 23, 2004, 11:21:56 AM, you wrote:

CW> Mark,

CW> I use the debugger all the time in 2.5. What problems are you having and
CW> have you bugzilla'd them?

CW> -Chipp

CW> Mark Wieder wrote:

>> Yes. The debugger is pretty useless in 2.5 (although breakpoints seem
>> to work). I do all my debugging in 2.2 these days.

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