Sliding (away) images, buttons

Ray Stace rstace at
Thu Sep 23 22:04:06 EDT 2004

Has anyone had a problem with images that shift when external resources are
I have an image that acts as an Information button (it shows a text field
when clicked), located at 320,450.
Every time I: File (menu) -> Import As Control -> All Audio Files In
Folder... I see the image slide away.
When I check its location, I find it at 880,1010. This happens whether or
not the image¹s location is locked.
Is there a fix? (Rev 2.1.2 in OSX 10.3.3)

I have also experienced strange behaviour with buttons that
* move themselves across the screen when selected with the pointer (edit)
* change their height when selected with pointer (edit) tool

Are either of these known problems?
Ray Stace
Centre for Educational Development and Interactive Resources
University of Wollongong, Australia

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