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Thu Sep 23 12:58:31 EDT 2004

On 9/23/04 8:21 AM, Signe Marie Sanne wrote:

 > At 12:31 22.09.2004 -0500, you wrote:
 >> On 9/22/04 3:34 AM, Signe Marie Sanne wrote:
 >>> Hello,
 >>> when I start Revolution 2.5 I get the message below (this has been
 >>> the case both earlier on and after I updated today - both on Windows
 >>> XP and Mac 10.3.5):
 >>> A stack Answer Dialog in file /Applications/Revolution
 >>> 2.5/license.rev is already in memory. The Revolution UI does not
 >>> distinguish stacks which have identical names, so editing these stack
 >>> files while both are in memory could result in data loss.
 >>> How can I get rid of this message?
 >> It sounds like you have a copy of the answer dialog as a substack of
 >> your main stack. (This often happens if you created the stack in MC
 >> and imported some resources.) You'll need to delete the copy that is
 >> embedded in the stack.
 > Yes, thank you, this was actually the case. In MetaCard I go to Stack
 > Properties --> Components and then delete a resource, but is it possible
 > to do it in Revolution as well?

I don't think there is an IDE-native way to do it. If you still have MC 
it is easiest to just remove it there. In Revolution, you can do it from 
the message box:

delete stack "answer dialog" of stack "myMainstack"

Be sure to use the long stack reference, or you might accidentally 
remove the IDE's answer dialog instead.

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