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Thu Sep 23 03:23:40 EDT 2004

> I think there is a bug, but I have not gone to bugzilla again (I did  
report a 
> previous bug).

I could only find one reference to revSpeak in bugzilla (# 2206),  but the 
multiplicity of externals needs rationalising for SAPI 4, SAPI 5  and SAPI 5.1. 
In the process, this should be resolved. Hopefully.

> First of all, at least with my tests, if you do not call  revUnloadSpeech 
> a standalone will not quit properly and remains in  the task list under 
> Windows (XP at least).
You mean when a standAlone itself contains externals, as opposed to a stack  
running under a standAlone? The documentation is not very clear. I am assuming 
 that ALL speech commands and functions are contained in the external, with  
nothing side-lined into the rev environment stacks, therefore the former  only.

> Here's the fix. If you launch RunRev by double-clicking on your  stack and 
> the RunREv App icon, then for some reason,  revUnloadSpeech is not 
> However, if you first launch RunRev  and then open your stack from within 
> RunRev, reUnloadSpeech is  recognized.

A development launching procedure perhaps, but not a a fix for distribution  
stacks ;-)

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